• Glass Style Adds to the Wine Tasting Experience

    Many people have the guilty pleasure of enjoying wine. The glass you choose for your wine tasting experience is not to be ignored. We all have our favorite vineyard or type of wine but we must not overlook a very important piece of the enjoyable experience. When tasting wine it is important to use all

  • Italian Wines 101 – A Basic Primer

    There are hundreds of wines produced in Italy each year. If you’re new to the world of Italian wines, choosing a good one to complement your Saturday night lasagna can be a task. Books have been written on the subject and it’s impossible to cover everything in a quick guide, but here are some of


  • Toasting to a good friend

    Drinking Wine the Italian Way

    Wine pervades all areas of life and is an important part of Italian culture. It’s impossible to imagine Italian art or history without its influence. But it’s also an important part of everyday life. Wine alone makes up about 2% of an average family’s budget. While elsewhere wine is a drink we break out for


  • The Best American Wines – 4 Must-Visit Wine Destinations

    Throughout American history, immigrants came from all over the world, bringing the old world with them and blended it with the new. Nowhere is this unique blending more apparent than in the combinations of cultivated old world grapes with the wild varieties of the Americas. Although none of North America’s wild grapes alone produce tasty

  • Italy’s Tuscany Region – Paradise on Earth for Wine Lovers

    When you first travel to Italy, there are so many places to see and so many things to do. If you’re a wine lover, the region of Tuscany is not to be missed. This is where Italy produces some of its best and most unique wines, and it’s done so for hundreds of years. There


  • Holding Your Own Wine Tasting

    If you’re looking for something to do on a Saturday night and you’d like it to involve wine, why not have a wine tasting? You can have your own casual wine tasting at home and invite your friends. It’s a great way to kill a weekend night and also learn about different wines in the

Home & Garden

  • Your In-Home Wine Cellar

    If you’re a serious wine lover and you’d like to store a few (or a few hundred) bottles, having your own in-home wine cellar is essential. Wine doesn’t keep its flavor, aroma and color for weeks on end, but if your wine is stored in a dark, cool, humid place, it will. You can put

  • The Perfect Patio for Wine Tasting

    The backyard patio is known as the premier spot for barbecues, but if you’re a wine lover, it can be an excellent place for a wine tasting party. It serves this purpose well. If you’ve toured wineries, you know that they always have a nice outdoor deck for enjoying not only the wine but also