Glass Style Adds to the Wine Tasting Experience

Varied glass styles

Varied wine glass styles

Many people have the guilty pleasure of enjoying wine. The glass you choose for your wine tasting experience is not to be ignored. We all have our favorite vineyard or type of wine but we must not overlook a very important piece of the enjoyable experience. When tasting wine it is important to use all of the senses. With that said the type of wine glass is an important consideration for the best experience possible.

Wine glasses are varied in style, composition, and price. The perfect wine should have the best suited glass to compliment your selected vintage. Of these characteristics, price is the least important. There are many manufactures that have good glasses with a wide price range. When sitting down with a fellow wine aficionado on a special occasion, it is nice to have a special glass to help preserve the memory. If the wine is part of the evening meal, then a more cost effective glass is called for.


Clarity is important to inspect color variations

The composition of the wine glass is critical for the sense of site. Wine glasses should always be made from clear and thin glass, and preferably lead crystal. Clear thin glass and crystal will give you the best ability to examine the wines color and clarity. The glass should be as free as is possible from imperfections and distortions which are more common with thicker wine glasses. An advantage of a lead crystal glass is it allows the wine to breathe more efficiently when swirled in the bowl.

The style of wine glass should be determined by the type of wine to be consumed. Red wine has complex flavors which are unlocked through oxidation, so large bowls are best. The oxidation process is more commonly known as letting the wine breath. White wine glasses tend to have narrower bowls and openings. White wines are more likely to be a full flavored Variety which will lesson as the wine breaths.

Wine glasses should have long stems and be eight to ten inches tall. The long stem will help you hold the glass properly, and give a clear view of the contents. The long stem will also help keep the wine temperature from being increased by the temperature of the hand. Glasses with a stem length of eight to ten inches will ease presenting the wine for sampling the aroma.

Taste and smell are augmented by the shape

Taste and smell are augmented by the shape

A wide bowl style of glass should be chosen to enjoy the smells of wines more fully, and conversely a narrow flute style for champagnes or sparkling wines. The wide bowl style wine glass will allow the aroma to build up above the wine surface, giving a larger amount to enjoy. The narrow flute style glass will limit the escape of carbonization bubbles from champagnes.

When you finish the wine tasting experience, don’t forget to properly care for your wine glasses. The glasses need to be hand washed for best results and limit the soapy residue. Towel drying your wine glasses will help to limit the formation of water spots. After cleaning your wine glasses, store them by hanging them upside down inside a closed cabinet to prevent contamination from odors and pollutants.

For the best wine tasting experience, be sure to choose the proper wine glass. With wise consideration all of the senses can fully enjoy the experience.

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