Your In-Home Wine Cellar

A Home Wine Cellar

A Home Wine Cellar

If you’re a serious wine lover and you’d like to store a few (or a few hundred) bottles, having your own in-home wine cellar is essential. Wine doesn’t keep its flavor, aroma and color for weeks on end, but if your wine is stored in a dark, cool, humid place, it will.

You can put a wine cellar anywhere in your house. Most folks naturally consider the basement, but any room where you can create the right conditions will work. It can be an attic, a storage room, an unused part of the house, or even a corner of the garage or a hall closet.

The Right Conditions for Your Wine Cellar

Your in-home wine cellar should be in the coolest, most humid part of the house. The right temperature is 55 to 58 degrees Fahrenheit and humidity should be from 55 to 75 percent. This is a bit cooler than room temperature and much more humid. If the room you use    Read More...

The Perfect Patio for Wine Tasting

Relaxed wine tasting on a comfortable garden patio.

The backyard patio is known as the premier spot for barbecues, but if you’re a wine lover, it can be an excellent place for a wine tasting party. It serves this purpose well. If you’ve toured wineries, you know that they always have a nice outdoor deck for enjoying not only the wine but also the fresh air and scenery. Your house can have one too.

You can just take the bottles outside and sit around the table drinking wine, but a little preparation can go a long way in making your patio wine party ready.

Functionality and Simplicity

Start by thinking about functionality. The best patio for wine tasting is simple and functional. Put all of the supplies you’ll need either on a surface there or just inside the house on the dining room table. You might consider putting a small refrigerator out there for bottles you want to chill. Start with the basics and add extras for atmosphere.

Patio Décor