Holding Your Own Wine Tasting

Tasting through aroma

Tasting through aroma

If you’re looking for something to do on a Saturday night and you’d like it to involve wine, why not have a wine tasting? You can have your own casual wine tasting at home and invite your friends. It’s a great way to kill a weekend night and also learn about different wines in the process.

What to Drink

There are several ways you can choose wines, depending on your taste and your wine knowledge. You can:

  • Pick several wines you’ve heard about but haven’t tried yet
  • Ask everybody to bring their favorites
  • Choose a certain type of wine or wines from a certain region to compare
  • Pick a bunch of wines from different regions
  • Have a blind tasting. This means wrapping the bottles in tinfoil or covering them in some other way so no one knows what’s what. They have to guess.

A good wine tasting usually has 4 to 8 wines. With any more, all the different flavors get hard to tell apart. With any less, let’s be honest and admit that you’re just killing    Read More...