Drinking Wine the Italian Way

Toasting to a good friend

Toasting to a good friend

Wine pervades all areas of life and is an important part of Italian culture. It’s impossible to imagine Italian art or history without its influence. But it’s also an important part of everyday life.

Wine alone makes up about 2% of an average family’s budget. While elsewhere wine is a drink we break out for special occasions, it’s nothing particularly special in Italy. It’s not considered high-brow, but a normal, unpretentious part of nearly every meal, and is enjoyed by people of all classes and backgrounds.

Wine and Food

Wine is almost always served with meals. Everywhere in Italy you see inexpensive table wine being poured when people sit down to eat. Wine brings out the flavors of the food and enhances the social experience of eating. The food does the same for the wine, bringing out its natural flavors. Matching wine to food is an art-form.

In fact, wine has traditionally been considered a type of nourishment. In    Read More...