Glass Style Adds to the Wine Tasting Experience

Varied glass styles

Varied wine glass styles

Many people have the guilty pleasure of enjoying wine. The glass you choose for your wine tasting experience is not to be ignored. We all have our favorite vineyard or type of wine but we must not overlook a very important piece of the enjoyable experience. When tasting wine it is important to use all of the senses. With that said the type of wine glass is an important consideration for the best experience possible.

Wine glasses are varied in style, composition, and price. The perfect wine should have the best suited glass to compliment your selected vintage. Of these characteristics, price is the least important. There are many manufactures that have good glasses with a wide price range. When sitting down with a fellow wine aficionado on a special occasion, it is nice to have a special glass to help preserve the memory. If the wine is part of the evening meal, then a more cost effective glass is called for.



Italian Wines 101 – A Basic Primer

A White, a Rose, and a Red

A White, a Rose, and a Red

There are hundreds of wines produced in Italy each year. If you’re new to the world of Italian wines, choosing a good one to complement your Saturday night lasagna can be a task. Books have been written on the subject and it’s impossible to cover everything in a quick guide, but here are some of the very basics.

Table Wines vs. Unique Regional Wines

There are two types of Italian wines – vino de tavola, or table wines, and higher quality regional wines. The table wines are lighter and of lower quality, but are still widely enjoyed. In Italy where wine is a way of life, they appear in huge jugs on the table of every family restaurant. Because they’re somewhat generic and light in taste, they’re designed to go well with just about any dish.

The higher quality wines are certified by the Denominazione di Origine Controlla, or DOC, which was set up in the 1960s to standardize wines throughout the country and    Read More...